Monday, February 9, 2009

This Pun. It Is Obvious.

Mr. Muggles' secret power is being a wizard, you bitch.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Haha, Literature

It is my earnest wish that you shall become a perfect master of languages. First of Greek, as Quintillian advises; secondly, of Latin; and then of Hebrew, on account of the Holy Scriptures; also of Chaldean and Arabic, for the same reasons; and I would have you model your Greek style on Plato's and your Latin on that of Cicero. Keep your memory well stocked with-

So apparently, Sylar is now Pantagruel. Or... Something.

God I am a dork.

CAKE OR DEATH?!?!!?!!1one!?!

Cake or Death?
Cake, or death?
I don't-
I said cakdeordeath?!
Well, cake, I guess.
Ah, good then.

Making the [Obvious] Point

Heroes: Making the point obvious since 2006 and making it obvious-er since 2007

Not even your fancy coat...

Not even your fancy coat can protect you from the plot twists.

It's Hana!

I think I hear the internet...

This Photo

this photo: giving the internet yet another chance to make an awful pun


Actually, these are my bedroom eyes.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tech Support

Hello? Tech support? Yes, hi. Yes. Uh, I'm having some trouble with this sidekick model. Yes. Well, it's fangirl programming was activated somehow and I- Yes. Oh. Oh, I see. And how do I get it to fixate on someone else?

Holy Crap!

Holy crap! You're Elle Green!
Holy Crap! Elle Green!
Holy Crap!

Caitlin is relevant

How can you say that? I'm totally relevant to the rest of the story!

Look, it's Parkman!

It's totally different!

You Say Marital Therapy, I Say Soap Opera

Fairy Tales for All!

Totally Authorized

It's the accent.

Curve the bullet...

Classy and appropriate!


Fangirls are Everywhere

LOLLink! (10)

Youtube user Digestor2365 created a wicked good Heroes parody, Zeroes. It only had four episodes, but it's hilarious. Watch it!

Trailer 2
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four


Obscure Reference Caption

Obscure reference is mildly obscure, and a reference. If you're out there, Evil T36-Cookie, I doff my hat to you and your cautionary tale.

Obvious Jokes

Uh... Win?

Family reunion... Uh... Win?

What Coat?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There is a fish sucking on that man's ear.


Takin' ur waffle

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Via Bulletproofheeb of Buzznet, Heroes season 3 episode 8 in LOL-format.

Lt. Uhura

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Via Bulletproofheeb of Buzznet, Heroes season 3 episode 7 in LOL-format.

Last Waffle!

Top Gun?

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Via Bulletproofheeb of Buzznet, Heroes season 3 episode 6 in LOL-format.

I see...

U sure?

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Via Bulletproofheeb of Buzznet, Heroes 301 and 302 in LOL-format!

Beaches Joke

Iz Topical

Moral Support

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Via Idiot Savant Online, even more Heroes-themed lulz.

Panderin' to ur cliches

Monday, February 2, 2009

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Via The Kernsville Post, moar lulz.

Peter the Artist

Soopr Hearing

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LOLHeroes from Medoroa.

Long-Lost Twin

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Ocelopotamus also has LOLHeroes. Also, they are also made of win, also.

Family Breakfast

Angela Palin

Ando Explains


Gagglefrak has a page of LOLHeroes. They are awesome. They are filled with awesome; they are made of awesome. Hooray Gagglefrak!

Wut u mean?

Product Placement Hero

Basement Cat


First the Photo, Then the Waffles

Who are these Boys you speak of?